Female Hair Loss And Its Consequences

22 Jul 2019 09:12

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Long thick hair is considered to bring beauty to women of all ages. The women like to leave their hair flying in the air or sometimes tie it with a clip at the top and leave it floating in the bottom. Some traditional women like to plait their hair and decorate it with flowers and even gold ornaments. These ornaments come in different shapes and they tie it in their hair which adds the beauty of the hair. Loosing this lovely hair is like losing their beauty. If the women are under great stress or lose their weight, they tend to lose their hair. Hair loss may lead to depression, and they feel shy to face people

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Women tend to get excited and emotional very quickly. They find it difficult to face problems in their life since they have a very soft caring nature. When they get tensed and become stressful then the hair loss is more. Although it has not been proved scientifically that emotional trauma is associated with hair loss the general statistics proves it is true. Another reason for hair loss is diet. If they don’t get enough vitamins and nourishment to protect the skin, hair, bones and nails, hair loss is found to be more. Being stressful is to be avoided.

Getting old is one reason for hair loss. Our hair becomes white when we grow old, and for some, the hair falls and they become bald since the certain hormones interact with the follicles and make them weak. Genetically some of the ancestors would have had baldness and it makes them bald. Even if it is genetic, we can prolong the hair loss by taking good care of the hair from the beginning itself and save it.

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Hormonal changes also cause female hair loss especially during pregnancy or when they come off the pills. Taking proper treatment for the hormonal changes can give good relief for hair loss.
When the thyroid gland becomes less active then the hair loss is quite common. When the male and female hormones androgens and estrogens are out of balance hair drops are found in male and female.

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Once the hormone level comes to normal the hair loss stops
Care should be taken to prevent hair loss. Using shampoos and other hair products containing alcohol should be avoided. Brushing the hair when it is still wet will cause the hair to snag and rip from the follicle. Do not use hair dryers, curlers etc, they produce heat and damage the hair. Certain medical treatments like radiation treatment and chemotherapy cause hair loss. Lack of amino acids present in proteins is a cause of hair loss. So, take enough proteins in your diet.

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